Ready to wash your dishes?

If cooking is a real pleasure, washing the dishes that come with it is a little less so. Save time with your new dishwasher. I promise, it will become an essential part of your routine. There's so much choice, you'll even be able to find the perfect one to match your décor.

Whether stainless steel, slate, white, black, built-in, or portable, your future dishwasher will be just the way you like it. Depending on your space and needs, our dishwashers have capacities ranging from 8 to 15 place settings. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs, whether the controls are on the front or top.

A member of the family

Would you like your dishwasher to be the same brand as your refrigerator and stove? It's possible! Buy them when you come to visit, and you'll have items that match. And if it's just a dishwasher you need, tell us what brand, and colour your appliances are, and we'll find you the perfect match.